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The owners of Atlanta Miniature Schnauzers are myself, Richard Mclendon, and my mom, Lisa Mclendon. Both of our partners, David and Erick, assist us in taking care of our furbabies and their puppies when they are born. We are recognized by the CKC as a Preferred Breeder!

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Our Story

My mom and I have been raising miniature schnauzers for over 10 years and breeding them for almost 7 years. We consider our small group of miniature schnauzers as family and spoil them. We currently have one male and three females so we are not a backyard breeder or puppy mill, just a family that has a great appreciation for this breed and loves their fur babies. We are located inside the perimeter of Atlanta and love to take our kids on walks and trips to antique stores as we love antique shopping. We have a completely finished basement that is their area and a doggy door for easy access to their very large backyard. Our puppies are only meant as pets and not for breeding so therefore, their registration will be limited(Meaning, you will not be able to register their offspring unless conferring with us about it.). If interested in securing a future puppy, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or through the contact form.



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